Our Story

We curate the coolest outdoor brands and products from around the world.

Unbeknownst to us, the story of UNCHARTED started almost 10 years ago, with the start of WOODWATCH. Back then, we found ourselves on the unbeaten path, inspired by the outdoors, to go where no others had gone before, to make watches of a totally unique material, to do something that had not been done before.

Now, many years later, that same inspiration and drive to explore further is still there. Not just in developing and creating new products ourselves, but also in finding brands and products that we ourselves get inspired by. However, we found that finding those brands and products is hard. We asked ourselves: Where do we go to explore unique new products? Where do we go to get inspired, explore the unexplored?

Over the last few years we came across many unique brands and products that we ourselves fell in love with. Brands, small and large, with products new and innovative. We believed these brands and products were in need of a strong European podium where they could shine. One place for people to go to get inspired by what is out there, find new brands and products to fall in love with, like we have done over the last few years.

So, UNCHARTED was born. The place to go to and find these exciting new brands and products. Where you explore the path of new, unknown brands and products that you will love. Where you come back to go get inspired, to prepare for that new adventure on territories uncharted.

Happy adventures,

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